Amassing the Troops #16 – The last of the Firestorm!

Although Spartan Games folded years ago I still had unpainted Dindrenzi models, practically a full fleets’ worth.  But, instead of painting them in the same scheme as the rest of my Dindrenzi fleet I wanted to try something more striking – instead of brown, I’ve gone dark green!  Actually, this choice was more about trying to get them finished fast as I’m trying to clear my painting list.  I have run out of base stands too, but I’m in the (slow) process of 3D printing them.

From what remained to be done, it’s actually a substantial fleet.

However, these models were already prepped for their original brown colour scheme.  So to start, I threw on a quick and haphazard layer of Vallejo Mutation Green, not wanting to be too perfect so that there was a little contrast about the model.  Afterwards, each model had two heavy layers of Vallejo Olive Green Wash and then a layer of Vallejo Dark Grey.  For detailing, Vallejo Red down parts of the long axis of each model, Vallejo Blue for windows, and blue again plus white for the engines.

The Praetorian class battleship – DNS Morrigan’s Wrath
Spatha Class gunships – DNS Saxon’s Axe, Saxon’s Roar, Saxon’s Revenge
Victory Class heavy cruisers – DNS Cedic Wrath, Cedic Punch, Cedic Deton
Decurion Class escort carriers (or Velites Class cruisers) – DNS Alto Guard, Alto Sentinel, Alto Protector

All told, the fleet took me about a day and a half.  Not too shaby.

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