Battletech #7 – Progress report

I’m trying to get back into some sort of rhythm with posting in this blog, aiming for every 3 weeks.  However, this particular post excites me a lot and I very much want to share.  Hence why I’m posting it a week early!

So, I wanted an excuse to get my Battletech models together in one place. I’d love to have them all painted and based the way I want, but between work, study, baby, and the rest if life, I have precious little time.

However, what I can do is show off a work in progress!

First up are the Federated Suns. 30 odd models from the kickstarter campaign and custom bases. I’m going for the Federated Suns Armoured Cavalry scheme.

Just shy of a Battalions worth of battlemechs

Next are Clan Wolf Delta Galaxy. Again, some 40 odd models with custom bases.

Knowing how powerful the Clans are, this sight scares me a little

Currently on my workbench are 20 Draconis Combine battlemechs, with my take on an atypical DCMS scheme with strong hints of Sword of Light colours.

Red is for bad guys

Finally my pride and joy, the 303rd Battlemech Company, 87th Independent Regiment (Federated Suns).

A company plus of heros!

The grand plan has me printing at least another 60 models, this will cover the Lyrans, the Capellans, and a mercenary company. I might take a slight detour along the way and print my favourite 3050 mechs as Solaris VII warriors, and I may want to print something for the Free Worlds League, and a company’s worth of Canopians, Taurians, and Aurigans… maybe some Word of Blake too… nothing crazy ambitious!

The full shabang… for now…

Below is the list of mechs thus far and planned:

303rd – Battlemaster, Jagermech, Dragon, Kintato, Timber Wolf, Victor, Thunderbolt, Enforcer, Bushwacker, Warhammer, Mad Dog, Shadow Cat, Night Hawk, Centurion, Shadow Hawk, Raven, Wolf Hound

Fed Suns – 2 Archers, Atlas, Axman, Bushwacker, Cataphract, Crab, Crockett, Crusader, Cyclops, Dragon, Enforcer, Flashman, Guillotine, Hunchback, Lancelot, Marauder, Marauder II, Mongoose, Nightstar, Orion, Phoenix Hawk, Raven, Rifleman, Spider, Thug, Urbanmech, Victor, Warhammer, Wasp

Clan Wolf – Adder, Cougar, 2 Dire Wolves, Executioner, Fire Moth, 2 Gargoyles, 2 Grendels (Mongrels), 2 Hellbringers, Hunchback IIC, 2 Ice Ferrets, Kit Fox, Mad Dog, Marauder IIC, Mist Lynx, 2 Novas, Nova Cat, Shadow Cat, Stone Rhino, Stormcrow, 2 Summoners, Supernova, 3 Timber Wolves, Viper, Warhammer IIC, Warhawk, 7 Elementals

Draconis – Hatamoto Chi, Thug, Naginata, Cyclops, Grasshopper, Marauder, Dragon, Quickdraw, Catapult, Avatar, 2 Phoenix Hawks, Griffin, Wolverine, Trebuchet, 2 Panthers, Jenner, Raptor, Spider

Lyrans – Atlas, Nightstar, Hauptmann, Zeus, Devastator, Longbow, Victor, Thanatos, Rifleman, Orion, Archer, Jagermech, Enfield, Uziel, Bushwacker, Hunchback, Commando, Firestarter, Ositis, Javelin

Capellans – Sunder, Stalker, Highlander, Banshee, Catapult, Cataphract, Avatar, Lao Hu, Quickdraw, Champion, Sha Yu, Vindicator, Cicada, Starslayer, Shadow Hawk, 2 Ravens, Owens, Jenner, Wasp

Mercs – Awesome, Supernova, Blood Asp, Orion, Warhammer, Thunderbolt, Catapult, Jagermech, Hatchetman, Hunchback, Phoenix Hawk, Dervish, Kintaro, Blackjack, Cicada, Javelin, Jenner, Spider, Locust, Wasp

Word of Blake – King Crab, Crockett, Marauder II, Black Knight, Guillotine, Galahad, Exterminator, Chameleon, Uziel, Osprey, Thorn, Firefly, Strider

Solaris – Thunderbolt, Grasshopper, Warhammer, Orion

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