Where the hell did that go?!

2021 zoomed by and already we’re in 2022.  Hopefully, everyone is well and looking forward to seeing what 2022 brings for their hobby.

For me, Santa was kind enough to bring a bucket load of Vallejo paints.  Which is handy for the Flames of War starter set I got for my birthday.  Projects-wise, my year “should”; see the continuation of my Team Yankee collection being 3D printed, although I may need to buy metal soldiers; see the creation of US and German World War 2 Flames of War armies, and there’s a very good chance they’ll be 3D printed; have more Battletech than you can shake a stick at, dioramas, desktop museum pieces, entire armies, the vast majority being 3D printed; maybe get some more 15mm terrain; and see me potentially expand into new areas…

I’d love to get back to building my modular terrain, running campaigns (Battletech or Dune), and having regular games.  However, this year is already looking chock full with having a 4 month old to help grow, studying a physics degree, work… there ain’t a lot of time left to accomplish all of my plans!

Still, I can but try!  Now… where are my Five Parsecs From Home rules…

Paints… many many paints!
More 15mm stuff; left are Team Yankee Brits; middle are WW2 Germans; right are WW2 US
Two and a half shelves of more to-do stuff. A mix of Team Yankee, Firestorm Armada, 28mm WW2, modern…
The display cabinet has about 1/3 of its contents that need a few licks of paint too.
The current BT to-do pile; dioramas and museum pieces in the top right; Kickstarter Inner Sphere to be painted as Federated Suns top left; Kickstarter Clan to painted as Clan Wolf bottom left; 3D printed models for the DCMS. Only another 100 models to print and paint!
The “other” stuff, including a Roman figure for my sister in-law.

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