Battletech #6 – Kickstarter Models

Ahhh, Battletech, how I love thee.  With the release of Mech Warrior 5 (finally), having been a backer way back when, I’ve been needing to scratch my Battletech itch.  Whilst I have a huge list of models I want to 3D print, they take time and a great deal of effort to sort out – that and my 3D printer suffered a fault a few months back.  However, I had been an early backer of Catalyst Games Clan Invasion Kickstarter and had 35 models from the first wave of the release staring at me, begging to be painted.  It took the better part of a year but I eventually obliged.

First with the aim.  I could have painted all the models in one scheme, most likely a Federated Suns scheme, and be done with it.  Yet I wanted to embrace the Clan Invasion and have fun with different looks.  I spent a fair bit of time on Camo Specs looking at different Clans and their respective schemes before I settled on Clan Wolf Beta Galaxy.  Why? ‘cus I liked the different look (and it seemed easy and quick).  For the Inner Sphere mechs, I chose the 1st Federated Suns Armoured Cavalry.  Why?  I liked the name!  I dunno but there is something awesome sounding about Armoured Cavalry, especially in Battletech terms.  Coincidentally, the scheme was even easier than Clan Wolf’s Beta Galaxy!

Starting with Clan Wolf Beta Galaxy:

A horde of Clanners. Damned pod-born feckers!

I first dry brushed Humbrol RAF Blue (106) then dry brushed Vallejo Medium Sea Grey to the legs, includes the central hip joints.  The torso and arms were painted with two layers of Vallejo Pale Yellow, then a wash of Sepia Shade, a drybrush of Bone White (being careful around areas close to the hips and legs), then a final drybrush layer of Pale Yellow again.  The cockpit and light reflection used simple black and white paint.

Elementals were a true nightmare, swarming mech warriors and killing them without any hope of help.

The Elemental power armour skipped the Humbrol RAF Blue, Bone White and final layer of Pale Yellow stages.  The jet pack exhaust effect was achieved using white on the upper third of the exhaust, a light grey of the middle third, and a medium grey on the lower third.  I then used a blue wash of the lower half of the white area and the full light grey area, and then a dark grey wash on the lower half of the light grey area and the full medium grey area.  I Double up the dark grey wash at the very bottom but I’m not sure this added anything.

For me, these are the true icons of Clan hardware: the Timber Wolf, the Shadow Cat, and the Dire Wolf

I’m not overly happy with the look compared to examples of the professionals, but the general effect feels pretty good for me.  So I’m content.

Now the 1st Federated Suns Armoured Cavalry:

The first wave of Federated Suns forces, hopelessly outmatched – stinking freebirth surats!

Each model had a full coat of Vallejo Gunship Green, then a good helping of Olive Green wash, followed by dry brushing Army Painter’s Army Green on top.  I then picked out a few panels of armour across the model to paint two layers of Vallejo White Grey, followed by a careful application of Pale Grey Shade wash.  The cockpit and reflection were the same as above.

My favourite mechs out of the bunch: a Warhammer and a Pheonix Hawk

Again, compared to the professionals I feel lacking, but I think the effect I’ve achieved is better than I was expecting.

I, of course, had to get an Urbanmech!

I could have gone into the detail of painting the laser lenses, scorch marks, mud, base detailing, but I’m happy.  After all, the aim was to paint them quickly, but suitably.  Not to take an age to fail at being amazing!  I’ll save that for my 303rd Company

Wave 2 of the Kickstarter should arrive soon and will net me another 30+ models.  What fun!

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