Left of Arc #5 – New Headquarters

That’s right, I’m now operating out of a new deployed area after having successfully taken over an enemy stronghold with more rooms than you can shake a stick at.  Ok, so maybe not that many, but even my Rabbit Squad has their own bunk!

Chief General has allowed me to requisition one of the rooms to convert into a bunker and has allocated half of the vehicle bay for combat operations.

I’m still a while out from being able to conduct combat Ops, CV-19 notwithstanding, but I have already moved in my gear to the new bunker.

The cleanup crews were thorough and left me a good space to work with
The loggies arrive with the first load of kit and the preparation table is installed
The local NAAFI was kind enough to supply an American style lunch (damn it was good)
Chief General determined that the prep’ table needed to move to accommodate the command station
Rabbit Squad did its job in continually surveying the ground
The bunker setup, complete with inspirational pictures…
… and flag
Rabbit Squad, ever vigilant, stands guard
The OpsO has long been looking for a decent amount of ground to work with… soon my lovely!…

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