Battletech #4 – Battletech League

Because I don’t have enough Battletech in my life!  I was surprised by the number of my fellow gaming club members who took an interest in the mini-campaign I was running for my 2 friends.  So much so that I decided to write some rules and offer to run and umpire a friendly Battletech league for anyone interested.  In fairly short order I somehow managed to gather 7 players all clamoring to get a Battletech fix!  Some more so than others…  of course we can’t play any games until the Universe (or the Chinese) has decided it’s had its biological fun with us.

Now, I’m not a huge fan of competitive play as I’ve found it doesn’t bring out the best in people, directly or otherwise.  So I’ve done my damnedest to emphasise friendly fun so that we can all learn the rules!

I’ve uploaded the rules for the league and the spreadsheet tracker I’ve made for when we do eventually get started.  Feel free to use them either in part or as a whole for your purposes!

Battletech League 2020 Rules

Huntingdon 2020 BT League Tracker

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