Creating the Battlefield #9 – The epiphany

As I alluded to in my COVID shmovid post I had a bit of an idea about my terrain project.  Currently it’s on hold until the wife and I manage to get ourselves out of this cramped one-bed flat, but once I get a dedicated hobby space I’m hoping my idea will make things super quick and, chiefly, easily to make things look a little more natural.

At the moment I’m using Sally 4th’s great Terraformer system.  It’s not as cheap as some other options out there in the market, but it’s perfect for what I ultimately want to achieve.  The aim of my project to create as realistic looking as possible modular terrain, but that largely hinges on my ability to work with insulating foam.  Eight boards in and I’ve realised that the insulating foam is just a one or two millimetres too thick.  Whilst it might not sound that bad it’s a real headache to get them all nice and level.  Additionally, the insulating foam is an industry standard thickness, some I’m stuck there too.  And less said about cutting the foam to fit, digging into the foam for roads and rivers etc, the better.  All in all, whilst foam has many uses in our hobby, it’s just not cutting it for my project.

However, in the course of trying to rectify the gaps between the foam and Terraformer’s frame I’ve come across ready-mixed filler.  Super great stuff that needs only a little mixing and dries fairly quickly into a hard and light(ish) form.  But then a few days ago I recalled that Sally 4th sell a cutting template for their Terraformer system…

The plan I have now is to buy these templates enmass and use them as a base to build my terrain “up”, using the filler, instead of using foam to dig “down” then patching up the mess.  I’ll have to purchase replacements for the 8 boards I’ve made so far, but I’ll keep those as test beds for other ideas, especially water effects!  I’ll also have to figure out a way of creating supports for the template bases so that they sit nice and snug and level.  Another added benefit is that it will ensure all my modular boards are as close to the perfect size and shape as possible.  Something I noticed is that, despite my best efforts, some of my boards are slightly wonky.

I’m very excited to give this idea a go and I’ll be sure to post pictures to show off whether it succeeds or not!

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