COVID shmovid…

How is it possible to be busier during a Pandemic?!  Something is clearly broken in my game of Real Life; I should probably email the developer about it…

So, yes, when I was told the nation was going into lock down I thought I’d have a lot more time on my hands.  I kept that thought alive right up until I was told I was a key worker and that I needed to work from home AS WELL AS go to work on alternating weeks.  I didn’t mind so much as I realised that this would be a good opportunity to smash some Open University study and spend time with my wife (a NHS doctor).  But not quite as good as I thought.  With a bazillion courses my job is wanting me to do at home, the stresses of not only my work by my wife’s work, and living in a one-bed flat, it all sums up to bugger all time for my hobby!  Damn!

This isn’t a winge-post about CV-19, however, I do have “some” hobby related things to talk about.

Whilst the small Battletech campaign I was running from last year seems to have stalled, I have successfully recruited 8 players for a League game.  I was hoping to have it completed by November so I could announce the results at our Club AGM, but I’ll be happy just to get the first games played when lock-down lifts.  Everyone is ready, and whilst we suspect who may come out on top (an overly competitive Battletech lover and former champion of several national and international tournaments), I for one am really looking forward to having a blast with the group.

But what am I doing in the meantime?  Well, ever trying to build some sort of cool campaign system for solo-play, I’ve given it a few more goes with a Battletech setting.  I’m still not 100% about what I’ve developed, but more on that in a seperate post.  Coincidently, I’d highly recommend visiting the following link – – for all your world building/map making desires.  It has some limitations, but it’s surprisingly very powerful.

I’ve also had an epiphany with my terrain project.  It may cost me more in the long run but I reckon it may look better overall.  Again, for a seperate post.

Lastly, with spending next to no money thanks to our enforced isolation, the wife has agreed that can get a 3D printer!  How exciting!  I was still umm-ing and ahh-ing over a laser cutter for terrain building etc, but I think I’d get the most use out of a 3D printer, and specifically a resin one.  So, closer to Christmas I’ll be the proud owner of a Anycubic Photon S!  Who knows, in a couple of years I may have a small factory in my yet-to-be-bought garage…

For now though, have fun and stay safe!

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