Battletech #1 – Season 1: From the Ashes – Prelude

I’m changing the format of my blog a little and giving Battletech its own special love. To kick off this change I’ll be uploading the full write-ups from Season one of the campaign I’ve been running. These write-ups are initially written by me then fleshed out by the players; combined into one glorious (?) piece of narrative!

Battletech: A Warriors Tale
Season 1: From the Ashes

The world of Independence, far from the territories of the great houses of the Inner Sphere, and sandwiched between Periphery States trying to expand and control each other. These are the Magistracy of Canopus, the Aurigan Coalition, and the Taurian Concordat. The Inner Sphere nations of the Free Worlds League, the Capellan Confederation, and the Federated Suns play off against each other using the Periphery States, mostly unwittingly, for proxy conflicts. Empires from further away sometimes play a role just to poke their respective enemies in the side.

Indeed, it’s safe to say the area, the Reach, is a perpetual hot bed of various machinations and conflicts.

Independence, perhaps an apt name, is desperately trying to fight off all these players in order to remain an independent and free world; just like the many dozens of worlds out in the Periphery. However, they are always on the back foot with their lack of resources and money. They regularly hire mercenaries to do the bulk of their fighting as they are somewhat cheaper to employ than a large standing army; not to mention the non-accountability option mercenaries afford. What attracts mercenaries to these worlds and the local governments are the lucrative salvage opportunities in lieu of large C-Bill payouts.

A former mercenary unit, Bannon’s Bashers, was a small group of 2 Lance’s of battlemechs. Nothing fancy and nothing larger than medium mechs. A half decent amount of support staff kept the front line fighters running, but some times a mercenary unit bites off more than it can chew. In most cases the commander will take the more cost effective option of retreating, but in this case Brannon didn’t. Facing a well organised group of pirates, he had no hope. Brannon’s mech was knocked down and a pirate Dragon crushed his cockpit. Two junior mechwarriors, Brynjar Holmstrom and Julian Delacroix, both barely escaped the fight, but the majority of the support staff didn’t.

Not knowing what to do and light years away from home, what remains of the group looked to Brynjar and Julian for purpose and guidance, and perhaps a chance at revenge.

There was only enough money for six months worth of operating costs, but unless the rag-tag group expanded and started earning, the chances were good they were going to be stuck on Independence.

So, to remedy the situation, they pursued the only course of action they know, and that was to take what ever job they could find. The local government made them the offer they needed.

The battered group had already performed two jobs protecting a mining area that supplied vital resources for weapons and armour production. Pirates had been harassing this area and stealing supplies, presumably to sell on the black market. In the second engagement they noticed a Shadowhawk that bore markings similar to the pirate group that ruined their mercenary company. Feeding this back to their government contract liaison in the hopes for a small bonus yielded nothing but silence.

Back at their make-shift barracks, which was more of a small camp site with more materials and equipment than there are people, Brynjar and Julian mulled over what to do. The company’s roster wasn’t terrible for its reduced size, but it needed expanding. Surviving the original destruction was chief mechanic, Ady Hotch, who wasn’t too bad a bodging a few upgrades and fixes, four other junior mech techs, a near-chain smoking medic, Lucy Crane, and a pretty good administrator, Isabelle Oscar, who was quite successfully doubling as a contract negotiator. The group’s main problem, however, was that they couldn’t take bigger contracts with just two mechwarriors.

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