… a year for perfect vision!

Happy new year everyone. Lots of things are happening in life and with living in a country that grows increasingly more absurd each year, it’s hard to find the time to sit and write. But try I must!

What’s happened since I last wrote? Well, my friends completed Season 1 of their Battletech campaign and are probably going to start Season 2 in the next few weeks. I’ve bought into a new Battletech Kickstarter campaign that will deliver goods throughout the year. I got introduced to Black Seas and I love love love it! New Team Yankee Brits are being released in the next few months to help kick off v2 of the ruleset. And during a recent bout of illness, I have watched all of the TV series The Expanse and I’m super keen to create some rules to depict near-realistically Newtonian battles in space. Oh, I should probably also mention that I’ve started a Battletech league at my club that will run from February to November, very excited!

Lot’s of stuff going on in my hobby world for 2020. Real-life is almost certain to get in the way, but let see what happens, eh?

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