Creating the Battlefield #8 – Modular terrain Mk 2 continued

So not all has gone to plan.  I’ve had to bin the 3 river sections to start again, but lessons have been learned!  Expensive lessons…

I tested the CFC 2-part epoxy resin, mentioned in the last post, and whilst it has decent applications the mixing requirements create too many air bubbles.  The heat gun was meant to sort this; it did initially but the resin retained a lot of the heat, even on just a few passes of the gun, and ended up melting the foam underneath… adding more air bubbles.  It was also nigh impossible to not melt the surrounding foam.  So the CFC product and heat gun were out the window.  Note though, this combination would probably be useful on any base other than foam!

Lots of heat + impressive thermal capacity + easily metled foam = fuck ton of bubbles

I reverted back to the Woodland Scenics Water Effects as it was the only reliable one-part epoxy I could find on the market. Woodland Scenics also sell colour mixes designed for their products, so that should solve the earlier problem of the Water Effects not curing… or so I though.  After pouring about 3-4mm, 3-4 weeks later it still hasn’t cured. It had even split where I think the product was soaking into the foam through the paint. I’ve even saved some of the resin, after binning the 3 boards, to see how long it takes to cure.

This is meant to be somewhat more clear than the murky brown depths that it appears to be
this split “should” be easily covered up with other water effects products

This does give me the chance to review the use of the blue paint for the river. I’m probably going to use brown instead I think, and then use a Geek Gaming technique of adding sand and small rocks for the river bed before adding the Water Effects. I think I’ll also use the household filler over the whole river section to help avoid the epoxy resin from soaking into the foam.

On a side note, I have learned that flocking and spraying matt varnish on each board is best done before adding any water effects, and I have a possible new storage solution too. Also, my technique to dam that water effects seems to have worked!

Matt varnish doesn’t tend to give that natural glossy feel water tends to have.
Metal shelving for the win!
the “dam” is essentially masking tape pulled tightly to cover the river gap, and a strip of duck tape pulled tightly over the masking tape for strength.

I’m still waiting on the replacement boards and for a bigger work area before I start all this again. I’ll keep you posted though!

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