Amassing the Troops #13 – Bolt Action Americans

As if I needed another game in my life… Having completely failed to keep my promise of “not getting into anything else right now”, I’ve got into Bolt Action. I specifically blame a fellow club member for offering me a starter pack of models for dirt cheap, but I’m now the proud own of US Airborne (not to mention British that I haven’t touched in over 5 years).

So why US Airborne and not British, or any other nation for that matter? I think mainly because no one really plays the US as thier main force. When we start a game, we all have a first army we love and keep coming back to. I’d love to do British, but a club member already plays them and I’d like to be different.

The airborne rules, however, are very tricky and I’m not convinced I’d ever use them, especially as you have to give up a turn for your teams to “regroup” after landing. This makes them super juicy targets that could get pinned to buggery and do nothing for the whole game. So I’ll probably play my force straight on the table.

I’m working to design a 1000pt list as that seems managable in the short term. So far I know I want to take 2 platoons for the 2 bazooka teams. Bazooka’s, like their german counterparts, are fearsome on the table with 24″ range (as oppose to the British PIAT’s 12″ range). Taking 2 can seriously ruin a tread-lovers day. With 2 platoons I’ll need to take 4 complusary infantry teams; at the moment these are 6-8 man airborne squads with rifles, BARs, and an SMG for the NCO. With the points left over I’ll probably take 2 lots of Rangers for specialist up-in-your-face fun and possibly an ALO for artillery/air bombardment.

The number of activitations I have is pretty low compared to some of the power gamers at my club, so that’s something to consider. I just hope folk don’t mind playing against a half-painted army for a while as my workbench is fairly stacked!

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