And so it begins (again)…

Where has the time gone? Geek points if you recognised the title though.

Since my last post I’ve had a few games of Team Yankee, finally, and the verdict… personally, I love it! Although I lost every game. The only real negatives are, firstly, the fact it’s a D6 game. Had it been a D10, it would have offered a greater range of modifiers and stats that the writers could have used, and would have made NATO v NATO games a little more interesting. Secondly, there is the typical US bias. Sorry but an M113 does not have greater front armour than a FV432, and a M1 Abrams IPM1 shouldn’t have the best armour in the game. My experience of Team Yankee is always going to be skewed however, mainly due to my background, but also because the people I play against wrote very successful micro modern rules back in the 80s-90s, and ran national tournaments with them. Something Team Yankee might struggle with the newer generation of gamers is the constant to’ing and fro’ing of dice rolls. I think it was intended to keep the players feeling like they had some influence on the events of a game, but it is a bit tricky to keep up if there is a lot of excitement! So why do I like it you might ask? The rules are fun, easy, and utterly brutal!

I’ve also had a game of Battletech, potentially introducing a new player and giving him a taste of what a campaign might feel/look like. Unfortunately, I’m brickin’ it over my next game of Battletech as I’m playing a “friendly” with a former world champion who is a member of my local club. I’m going to lose, but I’d like to give him a run for his money and not make it a white wash!

I had intended to get pictures of all these games but I’m afraid I failed you there. I got too caught up in the moment!

But onto the point of the post…

8 tiles out of 24, this is going to be a fun project!

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