Creating the Battlefield #6 – 15mm Buildings

It’s been a while since my last post, but I’m settled into my new flat and job now and I have an update on stuff!

Salute has come and gone and much fun was had by all. I picked up my Sally 4th order of their Terra Former range. I’m very excited about putting these together! A post on that will follow soon. I also spent a lot of money on laser cut buildings from 4Ground and Blotz, both 6mm and 15mm scale. 4Ground offer prepainted buildings that really saves on time and are really quite detailed. This has pros and cons, however, as this not only saves you time but can be extremely fiddley to put together; it’s surprisingly easy to accidentally rip off the thinly cut wood leaving obvious gaps. Blotz products are much more robust, unpainted and relatively limited in detail. The fact they do 6mm and up terrain means I’ll purchasing a lot from them in the future (including the many other companies I’ve made a note of over the years!).

I should have a Team Yankee game at my local club this coming Thursday so we’ll see how the buildings look then, but below are some taster pictures!

Patrolling the streets
Target sighted
To the pub!
Anyone want anything from the NAAFI?
Do you want fries with that?
Lighting fires indoors was frowned upon by the punters

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