Site Update

Hey folks!
I’ve decided to have a bit of a re-think as to the look of this blog. Previously I tried to keep the front page neat and tidy by hiding all of my posts into the their respective categories, accessible through the links above. I realised that I very old-school website mentality and not really how blogs are run. So now all posts will appear on the front page and in their respective links. If I get time, I’ll retro all my posts… even if that hurts my sense of OCD!

Edit – ok, so updating all my posts to show on the front page didn’t take that long. Either I was fast at it, or I need to write more…

Also, anyone playing Battlefleet Gothic Armada 2 on the PC?? It’s such a fricken awesome game, with a great soundtrack to boot. It giving me flashbacks to the old tabletop game and an uncomfortable urge to start collection GW models again… Ooooh, I hope they re-release BFG soon!

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