Amassing the Troops #12 – Random Work

So whilst I take a break from my Battletech project, preparing new models for (very expensive) 3D printing, I’ve been busy painting some other Shapeways creations or an epic scale space fleet.  The models are a creation of OmniJackal and are sold via his shop, The Debris Field.  They’re the Araan Dynasty fleet, are wonderfully beautiful and are meant to fit into the Homeworld universe, alongside the Hiigaran and Vagyr fleets.  He unfortunately isn’t selling the latter 2 any more, presumably due to copyright issues, which is a real shame! His models scale very neatly alongside Brigade Models range, which has a plethora of ships of all sizes to suit your inexpensive needs.

I’ve been in the process of buying a load to fit into a second version of my solo-campaign – more on that later.  For now though, have a peek and see what you think!

A small selection of the models I own to show off their awesomeness
In focus is the largest Araan model on sale, so this fella plays the role of my dreadnought flagship!
Destroyers on the left, some Hiigaran fighters being used as bombers in the middle, and some frigates on the right.
A cruiser and some Araan fighters.
A carrier model – I’m especially pleased with how this came out!

Lastly, for this DnD I’m playing, I bought a model from Hasslefree Miniatures and customised it to look something like an angry 7′ tall northman.  I think I may have missed the mark with painting detail etc, but I’m happy with him.

Einar Hansen – angry and likes gleaving things in half with either a sword or axe.

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