Amassing the Troops #11 – Battletech: 303rd Company – The Battlemechs

It’s been a while since my last post about the 303rd Company, but I’ve finally gotten around to taking pictures of my characters battlemechs.  I’m also now in the process of collecting and painting models from other factions within the universe that will ultimately be the 303rd’s opponents.

When taking the pictures of these models I realised that some were wildly mis-scaled, which sucks since the point was to try to scale them better. On the up-side though, to me they look a lot more like war machines than the original model designs from the 80’s. I could go a sort them out and print them again, but that hassle and a lot of money. Plus, I can’t remember what paints I used!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the look of them as much as I do!

Amassing the Troops #11 - Battletech: 303rd Company - The Battlemechs
L to R: Avatar, Jagermech, Dragon, Summoner, Timber Wolf

Major Jacob “Gat” Brennan
Avatar AV1-O(JB) – “Abraxas”

Jacob has been piloting this battlemech since he joined the Eridani Light Horse and Task Force SERPENT on the invasion of Huntress.  He has been fortunate enough to be able to heavily modify the ‘mech to include an endo-steel structure.  He also increased the amount of armour and heatsinks by changing the load out to suit a more heavy hitting front line role;  Specifically replacing the LB 10-X-AC with a Clan Ultra AC/10, his favourite weapon.

Sergeant Major Garrin “Tash” Trevelyan
Jagermech JM6-A(2) – “Trix”

Tash, being a Sergeant Major, always felt the need to be closer to the front to help control his mechwarrior’s panic.  His unit commanders liked him in this role as they found he could pass relevant information quickly.  To keep pace with the fierce nature of the front, Tash downgraded this stock LRM/15s, replaced the 2 pulse lasers and up-gunned the AC/2s.  Swapping single heatsinks for double freed more space for an extra 4 tons of armour.

Corporal Franz “Zen” Lawson
Dragon DRG-5N(B) – “One Shot”

Franz has been living up to his nickname ever since he earned it and, with great enthusiasm, requested some changes for his ‘mech.  In fact he completely changed the load out.  His ‘mech now sports; a Gauss Rifle, 2 medium laser, 2 ER medium lasers, a LRM/15 and an ECM suite.

Corporal Toni “Stealer” McBride
Summoner – “Undertaker”

Toni never liked the Summoner Prime’s limited weapon options and so decided to flesh out what her ‘mech could do.  Opting for an endo-steel structure and removing the LB 10-X AC, she was able to add 2 ER medium lasers, a pulse laser, a HMG and 2 extra tons of armour.

Niyah “Jags”Calbot
Timber Wolf – “Remembrance”

Niyah won her Timber Wolf when she won her position as a Star Commander.  Her Timber Wolf has kept her alive and scored her many victories throughout the Clan invasion and in defence of her homeworld.  After losing to Jacob in a dual, however, she endeavoured to alter her ‘mech to improve its durability, that largely being an ability to fire her weapons as often as possible.  The Timber Wolf now only has 2 ER Large, 4 ER Medium Lasers, and 2 LRM/15s, but the resulting heat efficiency has been greatly increased.

Amassing the Troops #11 - Battletech: 303rd Company - The Battlemechs
L to R: Nightstar, Battlemaster, Blackjack, Hellbringer

Captain Brant “Midnight” Dumont
Nightstar NSR-9X – “Vapour”

Brant had his Nightstar re-fitted with Clan weapon systems and heatsinks, allowing more space for armour and weapons.  He replaced the 2 LB 10-X ACs with 2 standard AC/10s, up-gunned the medium laser with Clan ER versions, replaced the ER PPC with 2 Inner Sphere Large Lasers and added 3 LRM/5s and a Laser AMS.  Slower than the standard model NSR-9FC, it packs a much more fiercesome punch.

Sergeant Spencer “Bash’um” Patton
Battlemaster BLR-1C(2) – “Hard Knock”

Taking a leaf out of Jacob’s book when it comes to Autocannon weapons, this Battlemaster has had its Gauss Rifle replaced with 2 Ultra AC/5s.  The 6 heavy lasers have been replaced by 4 Clan medium lasers and 1 Clan large laser, and a LRM/10 now sits where the SRM/6 use to be.  It now gives Bash’um the ability to get up close and personal, just how he likes it.

Corporal Vivian “Pointer” Banathan
Blackjack BJ2-O – “Gunz”

In a complete departure from the rest of her Company, Vivian has decided that her Blackjack is “perfect for what she needs”.  She occasionally gets frustrated at having 4 MGs that she doesn’t often use, sometimes considering replacing them for more armour or something else useful.

Private First Class Denise “Ramrod” Brooks
Hellbringer – “Arc Light”

There was a lot going on with the Hellbringer A variant and Denise struggled to cope.  Seeking advice from Niyah and swapping the standard internal structure for endo-steel; she changed the loadout to; 2 ER Large and Medium Lasers, 2 Pulse Lasers and 1 LRM 10.  This freed up space for more armour, heatsinks and jumpjets.

Amassing the Troops #11 - Battletech: 303rd Company - The Battlemechs
L to R: Victor, Enforcer, Mad Dog, Shadow Cat

Lieutenant Tracie “Preacher” Abbott
Victor VTR-10D(1) – “Ending”

Having only 4 weapon systems that came with the standard D variant annoyed Preacher greatly.  She set about redesigning her ‘mech with the Chief Technician and managed to requisition a number of Clan weapons.  Her ‘mech now sports; 1 Gauss Rifle, 1 Ultra AC/2, 1 ER Pulse Laser, 2 ER Medium Lasers, an SRM/6 and a ECM Suite.  Reducing the number of heatsinks also allowed for more armour to be added.

Corporal Karl “Crazy Legs” Wheeler
Enforcer ENF-5H – “Round House”

Karl has piloted this Enforcer for 4 years and knows the capabilities of the ‘mech very well.  He’s often considered replacing the LB 10-X AC for a more precise weapon, but being in a medium ‘mech often sees him close to the front.  As a result, the scatter gun effect of the LB AC serves him very well in tight situations.

Corporal Helena “Fluffy” Carmichael
Mad Dog – “Rosie”

Helena never liked the poor heat efficiency of the Mad Dog and was successful in replacing its standard internal structure with endo-steel.  This freed up more weight for armour and the extra heatsinks she was after.

Private First Class Jacque “Mags” Preston
Shadow Cat – “Pups”

Jacque followed suit with Bash’um and essentially repurposed the ‘mech from a ranged combatant to something more close quarters.  Removing the 2 Large Lasers and Active Probe, Jacque fitted an Ultra AC/10, 2 ER Medium Laser and 2 HMGs.  Not needing as many heatsinks, he added more armour after stripping out the excess heatsinks.

Amassing the Troops #11 - Battletech: 303rd Company - The Battlemechs
L to R: Centurion, Shadow Hawk, Raven, Firestarter

Lieutenant Leon “Toff” Mallory
Centurion CN9-A2(2) – “Scimitar”

This family battlemech has served in House Malloy for well over 100 hundred years.  Its most recent foray into combat was against Clan Jade Falcon and their invasion corridor.  As a result of some the successes Leon’s father enjoyed, the weapon and heatsink systems have been replaced with Clan variants, the internal structure replaced with endo-steel, and standard armour swapped with ferro-fibrous.  A key result of these changes is that the ‘mech now has a more powerful engine, giving it an extra 20km/h top speed.  A fearsome ‘mech in the right hands.

Corporal Adrian “Max Chat” Barton
Shadow Hawk SHD-2H(1) – “Boxer”

Another ‘mech that served on the Clan front line and profited from it.  Adrian protected Oliver Mallory from the most harm and was rewarded for his efforts by having his ‘mech improved.  With new endo-steel and Clan heatsinks, the Shadow Hawk has increased armour, 2 ER Medium Lasers, a LRM/10 rack, a Ultra AC/10 and a supporting Ultra AC/2.

Private First Class Eva “Backspin” Hutton
Raven RVN-1X(1) – “Bessie”

A recent purchase, the House Mallory technicians tinkered with the loadout to give the ‘mech a more supportive role.  Adjusting the internal structure, armour and heatsink type meant that an AC/2 and Target Acquisition Gear could be fitted.  Perfect for the scout role that Eva enjoys.

Private First Class Corren “Junior” Aladler
Firestarter FS9-O(2) – “Julia”

Not really being a fan of getting too close to the enemy in a light ‘mech, Corren opted to replace the bulk of his loadout to include; 4 pulse lasers, 2 ER medium lasers and 2 standard medium lasers.  With extra heatsinks, Corren is quite able to scare a good number of his opponents.

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