Happy New Year!

First post of 2019! Woo!, and first post for some months it feels. Yep, I know I’ve sucked at blogging for some time now, but I’m confident that will change this year.

It’s going to be an extremely busy year for me and the wife, with me starting a new career, studying physics, moving house, and supporting the wife and she takes the next in her career as a doctor… it’s makes you wonder when I’m going to have time to fit in my wargaming needs?!

However, where I’ll be going is closer to my old wargaming pals, and with a bigger house I should be able to start my third attempt at creating modular terrain. It’s also a very exciting time with: Warcradle Studios releasing Firestorm Armada with new models and rules after Spartan Games went under, and Team Yankee getting plenty of love especially with the upcoming release of the Challenger 1 MBT and Warrior IFV later in the year (I squee’d like a massive girl on hearing that news – I love the Challenger tanks!).

So plenty to be getting on with even before I think about my Battletech plans.

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