Amassing the Troops #10 – Battletech: 303rd Company – The Mechwarriors (pt4)

The heart of the 303rd. The command lance doesn’t always get into the fight straight away. Jacob keeps his lance in reserve knowing full well that the enemy has reserves and that command and control are always primary targets. When he does eventually let his pilots off the leash, all hell usually breaks loose upon the enemy.

Jacob often delegates some of the command role to his Sergeant Major, leaning on his experience to help keep the 303rd focused and effective.  Franz and Toni keep their seniors alive, staying out in front to draw fire, or cover an exposed flank. Niyah, however, is kept as Jacob’s secret weapon. Where the 303rd find the toughest of resistance, Jacob sends her wading in to turn the tide.

Major Jacob “Gat” Brennan

Maj Jacob “Gat” Brennan

Trained and educated at the Goshen War College, Jacob was thrown into the deep end in the Clan war. He served with distinction on detached duty with the Eridani Light Horse during Op BULLDOG, Task Force SERPENT. But a failure on his part saw him quickly leave Huntress at the earliest opportunity and work as the ELH’s representative to the mercenary unit Kendra’s Fightin’ Toughs. Suppressing a “mass-murder” by that unit saw him propelled back into the ranks of the Federated Suns, fully commissioned but with a lot of baggage to deal with.

A man on a mission, Jacob is confident, uncompromising, calculating, and an excellent ‘mech pilot. He hides a lot from those around him but little from Niyah, feeling that they have a bond beyond adherence to Clan ritual.

Known for his autocannon skills and constant, but effective, rain of fire, his nickname is “Gattling Gun” Brennan.

Sergeant Major Garrin “Tash” Trevelyan

Sgt Maj Garrin “Tash” Trevelyan

The classic old war dog. Garrin is a veteran of multiple operations and campaigns along the Clan front and against the Draconis Combine. He’s a hard-nosed, disciplined man who expects nothing but the best from his subordinates and his officers. He’s at ease conducting firing and marching drills, barking “inspiring” insults, and reminding officers that they are all “wet behind the ears” to him. It has been said that his moustache has been with him since birth, a veterans moustache. He plays on this and insults anyone who tries to grow one.

However, he’s doesn’t let it on that he’s tired of the life of a military man. Losing his motivation to fight, he’s thankful for the quiet dead-end job of the 303rd where he can delegate and snooze in his office, waiting to see out the last few years of his career. That was until Jacob Brennan took command. 

Corporal Franz “Zen” Lawson

Cpl Franz “Zen” Lawson

A very relaxed ‘mech jock that has served a typical career along the Combine front. Often described as horizontally relaxed, his level-headed and down to earth personality regularly sees him being overlooked. It wasn’t until Jacob, when evaluating his new command, put Franz to the test did everyone see his potential. He’s now known for letting loose a gauss round whilst on a live-fire training exercise and scoring a bulls-eye at the weapon’s maximum range… first time… without really trying.

Corporal Toni “Stealer” McBride

Cpl Toni “Steeler” McBride

Toni has a renowned cheek about her. If not bantering her male counterparts, suggesting notions of inadequacy, or extolling her ability to rack up kills on the battlefield, then she’s tinkering with her battlemech and getting greased up to the eyeballs like any other mechtech. Toni is one of those very lucky pilots that everyone wonders “when will her luck run out?”.  So much so that everyone was astonished when she won a Clan Trail and took her opponents Summoner as her prize.

A lively and confident character in the 303rd, she enjoys being teased for apparently grabbing last-minute kill-steals, and stealing a another woman’s husband-to-be.

Niyah “Jags”Calbot

Niyah “Jags” Calbot

A former Clan Smoke Jaguar mechwarrior, now bonded to Major Brennan; Niyah is a veteran of the Clan invasion having led and orchestrated many assaults. But, a tactical error was pinned on her and she was sent home to Huntress in disgrace. She survived Task Force SERPENT’s invasion but lost a duel to Jacob Brennan in the final hours of the campaign. She is as honourable as she is skilled, but haunted by her failures and present circumstances. Many are still unsure of her but she has quickly gained a reputation of being in the thickest of fighting, and for being a Jacob’s side.

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