Amassing the Troops #9 – Battletech: 303rd Company – The Mechwarriors (pt3)

Here we have the 303rd Company’s first combat Lance, “The Berserkers”.  These guys are the heavy hitters of the Company, fielding 2 assault ‘mechs piloted by skilled veterans and 2 medium ‘mechs in close support.

They are either skilled or eager to learn, vicious when provoked and love to take the fight to the enemy. They have a few consistency issues, but their commander knows a trick or 2 to bring them into line.

Captain Brant “Midnight” Dumont

Capt Brant “Midnight” Dumont

Brant is the Company’s second in command, but he’s not your typical officer. For a hardened veteran he’s very much a socialite, always looking for the next event to have laugh and to drink. Surprisingly approachable, he’s often found imparting advice to the less experienced ‘mech pilots within the company. However, having been stuck in a deadend Company for so long, Brant has lost his edge and is finding Jacob’s new leadership and gruff enthusiasm a challenge.

Brant earned his nickname after one late night social where he challenged one too many individuals to a drinking contest, passing out at exactly midnight.

Sergeant Spencer “Bash’um” Patton

Sgt Spencer “Bash’um” Patton

Years of brutal combat are said to drastically change anyone who suffers through them. Spencer is an example of that change being very violent. New pilots in the Company, and even the Battalion, are told that “if you fuck up in front of the Sergeant Major, then suck up the beating. If you fuck up in front of the Sergeant, just fucking run.”. If a combat situation draws on for too long then Spencer tends to get ever more impatient and reckless, eager to win the fight. His attitude has led to many reprimands, despite the support he has from Brant.

Corporal Vivian “Pointer” Banathan

Cpl Vivian “Pointer” Banathan

Vivian is a fairly young pilot compared to her Lance-mates. At 21 she was promoted to Corporal after a very successful scouting mission where she assisted in directing the combat effort. It’s becoming more recognised that she has a good intuition when it comes to mech combat, but is unfortunately putting her at odds with Denise with an increasing rivalry.

Private First Class Denise “Ramrod” Brooks

PFC Denise “Ramrod” Brooks

Denise was originally a mercenary with the Kendra’s Fightin’ Toughs, under contract with the Lyran half of the Federated Commonwealth to do garrison duties on Izar. During this time Jacob Brennan had returned from Huntress and, under orders from the Eridani Light Horse, was mentoring the mercenary group. After a brutal and sobering incident where Denise had to decide where her loyalties lay, she followed Jacob and was recruited into the armed forces under his command.

She is young and eager to prove to Jacob that she isn’t just a mercenary, that she has worth and is deserving of his attention and respect. However, she often falls short of the mark; being disadvantaged at not having formal military training. What she lack, though, she makes up for in enthusiasm and a tenacious thirst to try to outperform her comrades.

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