Amassing the Troops #8 – Battletech: 303rd Company – The Mechwarriors (pt2)

The second Lance in this series of the 303rd fits the role of heavy support and skirmishers. The heavy ‘mechs, piloted by the Lance leader and her number 3, provide the support and lay ambushes, whilst the rest of the Lance sow confusion and act as bait.

Well trained thanks to their disciplined leader, “The Mystics” provide a crucial combat element in the field, and light hearted entertainment off of it.

Lieutenant Tracie “Preacher” Abbott

Lt Tracie “Preacher” Abbott

Tracie has had a chequered past, often disobeying orders to do what she believes is better. This has restricted her career progress, but hasn’t stopped her looking after those under her command with dogged fervour. An element of her duty she takes very seriously.

In the cockpit she is cold and calculating, being extremely adept at Lance-level tactics. Out of the cockpit she is a little more relaxed but forces her Lance to conduct frequent training exercises, seeing this as a way of helping them to stay alive. It’s from her exercise debriefings where she earned her nickname “… She preaches on and on about what we did wrong and what we should have done instead… The fuck of it is? She’s always bloody right!” 

Corporal Karl “Crazy Legs” Wheeler

Cpl Karl “Crazy Legs” Wheeler

Karl is seen as the Company joker, often spinning wild stories, telling jokes or pulling pranks on others. All light hearted and quite enjoyed. On the field though, what he lacks in skill he makes up for in ingenuity. He earned his nickname by confusing an opponent with constantly changing speed and direction and using his jumpjets to their full or barely at all. Avoiding incoming fire, he closed the gap and kicked his opponent to the ground before forcing him to surrender.

Corporal Helena “Fluffy” Carmichael

Cpl Helena “Fluffy” Carmichael

Most hear her nickname, which she got from 2 pink fluffy dice in her cockpit, and almost instantly pass her off as an unnoteworthy pilot. The reality is far different from what most people realise. The dice are from a house she was trying to protect whilst it was being evacuated from a Capellan attack. It was one of the last few houses in the neighbourhood and although Helena put up a stiff fight against a pair of ‘mechs, a start shot annihilated a house and the rescue team. On the rare occasion she talks about this, her usual light hearted and fun demeanour quickly darkens.

Private First Class Jacque “Mags” Preston

PFC Jacque “Mags” Preston

Another young member of the company. At the age of 22, Jacque has seen a fair few battles along the Clan front, even winning himself a Shadow Cat battlemech. He has the flair for the cheek, and for accidents. He’s well known for one particular training exercise where Jacque accidentally ejected all of his ammunition at the start, hence his nickname. This also started a new unofficial game during each training session, “chase Mags!”. Jacque plays on this as he is surprisingly adept at mixing long and short range combat styles, frustrating both opponents and his friends.

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