Amassing the Troops #7 – Battletech: 303rd Company – The Mechwarriors (pt1)

This first part in my 303rd Company series looks at a Lance of battlemechs detached to the 303rd from the House of Mallory, a noble family of the Federated Suns, native to Batavia – a small travel hub in Crucis March.

Lord Oliver Mallory sent his son, Leon, and a small guard to protect his person, to learn the nature of command and battlemech combat.

Dubbed “The Royal Few” by the rest of the 303rd, always looking to jest with the new comers to the unit, the Lance operates as a medium attack group and has a mix of experience with its pilots.

Lieutenant Leon “Toff” Mallory

Lt Leon “Toff” Mallory

Born of royal blood, Leon is the eldest son to Oliver and Silvia Mallory.  Indoctrinated from birth in the duties, responsibilities and other royal requirements expected of him, Leon wears the mantle of royal heir proudly, and very seriously.  He joined the 303rd after seeing their combat prowess and felt he would learn more from them than any other unit he could work with.  This suited his father as Oliver demanded that his son do his duty to the realm and learn what it is to lead and command.  Oliver, however, is no fool and knew that the only real way to learn these key skills was by earning it.  And so Leon was commissioned into the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns as a Lieutenant.

Leon initially felt scorned by his fellow company as they bantered with him, “how low can a high-born go” some would jest.  As time went on, however, he came to understand that none of it was meant harshly, and now he even relishes and plays up to his nickname of “Toff”.

Whilst Leon doesn’t have the amount of hours or scores of honours that the rest of the 303rd have, he learns fast and has a natural talent for piloting his family’s battlemech.

Corporal Adrian “Max Chat” Barton

Cpl Adrian “Max Chat” Barton

Don’t let the fact he’s a Corporal fool you, Barton has received special forces training before becoming a ‘mech pilot.  He is a cold and efficient killer, and expertly pilots his Shadow Hawk on field.  His experiences give him a dark demeanour that others tend to shy away from.  He often doesn’t speak unless he has something pressing to say, which is usually important, and hence his nickname.

He is slow to trust and to respect others.  His loyalty to House Mallory is very strong, owing to his father and grand-father having served in the Household Guard, and he takes his duty as bodyguard very seriously.  He takes it upon himself to teach the junior members of the group and politely educates Leon with what he knows of combat.

Adrian is slow to anger but it is not unknown for him to calmly, quickly and brutally put someone down for simply laying an unwelcome hand on Leon.

Private First Class Eva “Backspin” Hutton

PFC Eva “Backspin” Hutton

At 21 years old, Eva is one of the younger members of the 303rd.  Serving in House Mallory’s household guard, Eva is enjoying a promising career as a Mechwarrior and although having only served a few years, Eva has found that she is fast becoming a capable scout.  She is charming and somewhat naïve having never really experienced much conflict.

She looks up to Adrian Barton as a mentor and can sometimes be found reviewing his training footage to figure out how she can improve.  She takes on his loyal attributes and is sometimes a little too enthusiastic about it.  Whilst Leon has, on several occasions, asked her to restrain herself, Adrian see’s her approach as a very promising start to being a fine member of the Household Guard.

She enjoys yoga and athletics, making up in dexterity and control what she lacks in strength.  This seemingly mirrors her talents as the Lance scout.

Private First Class Corren “Junior” Aladler

PFC Corren “Junior” Aladler

Corren is the youngest member of the 303rd mechwarrior cadre, being only 19 years old.  His age and inexperience is what gave the Household Guard Commanders pause when he volunteered to be Leon’s bodyguard.  His impassioned speech, however, sung the decision in his favour.  He was desperate to learn from the best and to bring those new skills home to better serve House Mallory, claiming that the Mallory’s were the only family worth fighting for.

It was the abusive nature of his father that drove him away from home and into a military academy.  His lack of sponsorship should have seen him being nothing more than a mere foot soldier.  But when drunk senior mechwarrior students stole away with 2 of the schools light ‘mechs for a “jolly”, it was Corren who stopped them.  unbeknownst to the school staff, Corren had trained in the simulators in his free time.  This earned him recognition and a great deal of interest from House Mallory.

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