I am still here…

… honest!  Although I recognise I’m at risk of only posting apologies for not posting!

I’ve had a bit of a hiatus as Real Life typically gets in the way of things.  But, I’ve not forgotten about my hobby.  Things progress a lot slower these days, especially when there are distractions like the new Battletech PC Game (it has honest-to-god addictive qualities), work, time with the better half etc.

That said, I’ve not long finished one company of battlemech models.  I’ve got a story planned for these heroic mech jocks and I’m going through the process of preparing their (many) opponents ready for 3D printing.  It’s a long-term project mind you, but I’m writing some brief backgrounds to the pilots of the 303rd “Black Rifles” Company!

Additionally, I’ve made some head way with my solo-campaign and am preparing 6 fleets ready for play testing and what not.  The painting process is quite fun as I’m getting more comfortable using Vallejo paints over Citadel.  I feel Vallejo is more easily wasted, but it’s good quality and I now no longer need GW or any of my hobby needs!

Lastly, and in a complete departure from my typical wargaming habits, a good friend of mine has got me playing Dungeons and Dragons with a group of mutual friends.  We’re playing a version of the game based on my friend’s custom story and world.  So far, my character, a 7’6″ angry Northman nearly died saving one of his companions.  Said companion has been flat on his back for one reason or another each session.  Another is a out-right lying thief who is more than happy to steal from her companions, but it’s all in the spirit of the game!

My next few posts will should be my battlemech lances and their pilot’s backstories.

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