First Contact

An event which no plan survives! Which, in this case, isn’t exactly true as my original solo-campaign plan survived for some time after contact with Real Life. But unfortunately I don’t think I’m going to be able to give my modern solo idea the fullest attention for some time now.

Recently I took the big decision to change careers (kinda) and I’ve got an opportunity to make use of a lot of grant money for further education. There’s a time limit on it so it’s all hands on deck to avoid losing out on this – which means my wargaming hobby plans will have to take a back seat, likely for a 3-5 years.

So, to mitigate the damage, I’ve opted to focus on collecting Brigade Models space ships for an easier solo-campaign. I’ll take Firestorm Armada rules for 5-6 empires, with a homebrew empire thrown into the mix, and run a campaign that way. The models are cheaper, I’ll need less of them, they should be quicker to paint and I won’t need to build a plethora of terrain either. Easy right?!

Second to that will be 3D printed BattleTech models and Team Yankee stuff. I bought 2 more Lynx helicopters from Salute and I’ve got more models I want to buy throughout the year. As for BattleTech… well, with the release of the new PC game – which by the way is friggin’ awesome! – I’m wanting to get some head way on my planned collection. I’ve got a story I want to tell and I need models to do it!

Laters for now folks

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