That went well…

All set a ready for a good weekend of wargaming and having at Soviet forces in Team Yankee, I was left with a bad taste in my mouth after I lost every game I played. I learned a lot and have written a brief after-action of the tournament which you can find here. I do enjoy the game Team Yankee and so won’t be giving it up, but I’m not sure I’m suited to tournaments, or perhaps with (much) more practice I’ll be able to reserve my current win/loss ratio!

So where to go now? With the tourney done I can put my Team Yankee away for a spell as I don’t have anyone to game against here, so that gives me time to focus on my solo-campaign and Battletech. I “may” have bought the Combat Manual: Kurita recently and been re-enthused about the game as a whole, that and the new PC game is released later this month… the wife has been warned!

I’m going to have a bit of a re-think with my solo campaign and condense it somewhat. Given how long it’s taking me to get anywhere collecting models or sorting out the rules and game play, I’m considering collecting only half of the nations forces and play a more focused campaign.

Anywho, Salute next weekend. I hope you have your tickets ready!

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