Left of Arc #3 – Solo FSA after-action thoughts

Not content with trying to work on one solo-campaign idea, the recent FSA game I played was a bit of a tester for a space-based campaign and I was surprised at how well the FSA rules could work when generating non-standard fleet lists.

I will have to test non-standard fleet setups a little more, but areas I want to focus on are SRS usage and withdrawing (or Fold Space Escape (FSE)).  Reading the rules on the latter I feel that FSE takes too long and is not necessarily designed for persistent campaigns in mind.
The former, however, has been a subject of hot debate for about a year if not longer, especially when v3 of the rules were being written. My idea changes the stats of each type of SRS token and add roles that each token can perform, with those roles have rules/restrictions attached.

For the changes I have in mind, SRS will remain in play until they are destroyed or the player has them return to their carrier. They can move freely and are not limited to the carriers command distance, something that was severely limiting carrier usage I feel.

So, for example, it’s well known that Interceptors have great PD and can mess up torpedoes and other SRS alike. Reducing their Mv value and forcing them into the CAP role mean’s that fighters can now get more play time. CAP will see the Interceptors protect a designated capital ship and then intercept anything that comes with 6″. fighters will be able to dogfight and escort larger SRS on bombing or assault runs, essentially being cannon fodder in the initial PD barrage from the targeted ship. Once I’ve tested these and I’m happy I’ll write up the rules for folk to comment on.

I really want to see proper carrier usage, that being carriers staying at the back of a formation and being hard to get to, as oppose to having surge forward so that their SRS compliment can do something.

Left of Arc #3 - FSA After Action Thoughts
You won’t see this beastie getting up close and personal with an opposing cruiser, not unless someone had just yelled “damn the torpedoes, ramming speed!”

That may be my next game actually… now to find where I put my SRS tokens…

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