Slow progression

Hello all, I’m not doing very well with weekly posts am I? Unfortunately work, life and a wife have a habit of getting in the way of things. Still, I’ve not rested on my laurels.

In the last few days a finished painting more Brit Team Yankee; 4 Scorpions, 5 FV432s and 4 Rapiers. I’ve worked out what I want to take for this tournament in April so next I’ll be painting all the infantry I need and buying the remaining FV432s before painting them.

A few weekends ago I made a YouTube video showing how I make 3D printing battletech models, the link to which is below.

I’ll be making another at some point soon showing how I custom make mechs.

I’m hoping after April I can make some more headway with the solo campaign but I won’t really be able to play in anger until I get more space to set up a 6×4 board. I will get it all done ‘CU’s I already have in mind a space version!

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