Amassing the Troops #5 – Team Yankee British

As I’ve mentioned in a few posts now, I’m slowing getting into Team Yankee if a fairly big way. After witnessing a few games at the last RAFWA event and having a good chat with the friendly folk playing the game, I may be working my way to joining their tournament next year! Quite a stark difference from my usual “tourneys aren’t my scene” stance.

I’m still wondering whether to give it a go, however, as I wont be able to get much practice in and I don’t want to be the really annoying noob slowing the games down with questions and rules checking. A friend of mine is looking to get into Team Yankee as well so who knows.

In the meantime, I’ve spent nearly a full week smashing out 10 Chieftains. The only thing left that I want to do with them is to add decals and camo netting.  How the latter will work now I’ve finished the tanks I’m not sure, but I’ll figure it out!

Amassing the Troops #5 - Team Yankee British
The whole damn lot of them! Well, the tanks anyway. 3 Troops of Chieftains plus a HQ tank, stillbrew’d to the max.
Amassing the Troops #5 - Team Yankee British
“What’s that coming over the hill? Is it a monster?…”
Amassing the Troops #5 - Team Yankee British
A parting shot showing some of the weathering detail on the rear.
Amassing the Troops #5 - Team Yankee British
Top view.
Amassing the Troops #5 - Team Yankee British
The HQ tank, a small union flag will be added to one of the antennas to help pick him out.
Amassing the Troops #5 - Team Yankee British
A better look at weathering on the side.
Amassing the Troops #5 - Team Yankee British
Side shot also showing off a some detail on the commander.

The “how to” of replicating the look of these tanks requires quite a few paints. Firstly, I applied an undercoat and base coat of Humbrol’s matt black and dark green, respectively. Battlefront’s (BF) Chieftan Green was then painted in 2 watered down layers (only a few drops of water required) to form the primary colour.

To paint the camouflage I used BF’s Worn Rubber, again watered down (in fact, it’s best to assume each paint is watered down and 2 layers applied until I say otherwise!). How you choose to define the edges of the camos wavy lines is up to you. I tried blue tac and tape but settled on painting freehand as the easiest and quickest option.

The treads were painted using BF’s Leather Brown and Worn Rubber, the latter for the rubber coatings on the road wheels. The GPMG was painted with Worn Rubber and the thermal sleeve of the main gun using BF’s Comrade Khaki.

The commander was first painted with BF’s Maverick Khaki, the face with an initial layer (not watered down) of Vallejo Panzer Aces 332 then a layer of Humbrol’s 237 for highlights (not watered either). Citadel black for hair and a wash for the whole figure using Vallejo Game Color Umber Wash.

I then picked out some of the tanks detail using Vallejo’s Game Ink Black. In hindsight I probably should have done this last as some of the work was lost when I applied weathering effects. I also used a light layer of Vallejo Game Color Black Wash just to a little extra to certain areas.

For the weathering, I first applied a healthy dose of Vallejo Game Ink Sepia on the treads and a little around where mud and grime would realistically collect. Then, without watering down the paints, I dry brushed BF’s DPM Sand before dry brushing a layer of Leather Brown on top.

Once all that wash dry I applied a good amount of Tamiya weathering Mud over the whole model. To top it all off I cut short lengths of 0.3mm wire (found at any good hobby store, such as HobbyCraft), painted them in black and glued them on the turret as antennas.

Fin (finally!)

2 thoughts on “Amassing the Troops #5 – Team Yankee British”

  1. Wonderful stuff!! I love the weathering and the aerials really bring them to life! This has reinvigorated me to get my US battlegroup done!!!

    1. Really glad you like! I’ve admittedly been lazy with the rest of my Team Yankee stuff, but since I’m so close to finishing them I thought I’d picture them all in a onner. Hopefully by the end of next week (I’m away from home so perfect time to get the painting in!)

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