Where has the Year gone?

Looking at my calendar, it’s hard to believe we’re nearly a 1/3 of the way through October! However, with Firestorm Armada (FSA) and others having been saved by Warcradle Studios and a relaunch next year, I’m a much happier bunny!

I have one last big event before Christmas, I’m discounting turning 30 in November too, and that is RAFWA part 2. In case you haven’t read my other posts on the Royal Air Force Wargaming Association, they meet twice a year to have one weekend of competitions (April time normally) and one for general gaming (October time).

This time around I have a game of Bolt Action: Modern (BA:M) – a fan made set of addon rules for the 21st Century courtesy of Jays Wargaming Madness, at least one FSA game, and a play test of my Figure 11: XCOM rules. I’m also hoping to learn a bit of Team Yankee if a game of that is being played too.

I’ve copied what I could find of the rules for BA:M but I’m struggling to find unit costs, as soon as I have that they’ll get posted too. An extremely good company for 28mm modern, if you’re interested, is Empress Miniatures. From them I’ve bought a Challenger 2 MBT, a Warrior IFV, a Husky 4×4 and enough soldiers for 2 squads. It’s doubtful they’ll be all painted ready for RAFWA but I’m looking forward to giving them a good fight regardless! I’ll write a separate post for these when they look prettier.

BA:M Army Lists – Currents factions include (but oddly not their points cost…): USMC, US Army, Russian Army, Russian Airborne, Brits, Aussies, Iraqis, Insurgents, Canadians, Chinese, French and Germans

BA:M Quick Reference Guide – Actually quite comprehensive

For FSA I have my newly painted Rense System Navy that I’ll probably lose with but I’m looking forward to seeing how well they do. Undoubtedly my Dindrenzi will also see some action as well.

Fig11:XCOM still needs the UFO interior finishing but with only a few corridors and rooms left it shouldn’t be a hard task. I won’t be doing much with the interior as yet as I don’t want to go nuts and then realise it doesn’t work and start all over again. Once the interior is finished I’ll write-up a post so you can ogle my handiwork!

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