Amassing the Troops #4 – Rense System Navy

If don’t know by now then you’re a bit behind the curve, but unfortunately, and with great sadness, Spartan Games is closing its doors. The creators of Firestorm Armada and Dystopian Wars is no more; after conducting several really good-looking Kickstarter campaigns, this is very much out of the blue. Which is bugger as I was going to give them several large wads of money!

No matter, I’m just thankful that I managed to collect all the models I was really interested in before the company went bust. I didn’t get around to buying any dreadnoughts but that’s OK, battleships are way cooler. As a side note, I am considering using brigademodels spaceships and the FSA rules to see if it’s any fun.

Below is a weeks hard labour (I was a course in London and had a lot of time to myself in the evening) on trying to finish my RSN fleet. They still need some detailing, and don’t even mention the other half of my Dindrenzi, but here they are regardless.

Amassing the Troops #4 - The Rense System Navy
Frigates and destroyers. The destroyers should be a little more useful than their Dindrenzi counterparts
Amassing the Troops #4 - The Rense System Navy
Cruisers, the mainstay of any fleet. They feel like they are the jack of all trades, but they’re still pretty tasty.
Amassing the Troops #4 - The Rense System Navy
Heavy cruisers, for when you need that extra punch. There’s 3 to a squadron so the fourth will be for an escort if needed.
Amassing the Troops #4 - The Rense System Navy
A battleship and a carrier. The RSN carrier is friggin nasty, able to carry up to 12 SRS squadrons, a good carrier choice I feel.

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