Somewhat Sullied

So last night I did something I thought I’d never do in my gaming life, and that is play Dungeons and Dragons, a proper RPG.  Unlike Daenerys’ leather-clag eunuch warriors-o-doom, I feel most definitely sullied by the whole experience!  I jest of course because my group of friends and I had a really great time, with my dwarf flattening locals testicles with his head, Mark’s bard throwing verbal abuse to upset opponents, and Edd’s half-elf failing at flirting.  We’re looking to make it a regular thing and hopefully after some successful slicing of body parts we’ll get to take on a dragon, which is easy to kill with an ice-pick apparently… noted.

In other news, I’ve kept busy trying to get ready for RAFWA in October. I’ve bought and base-coated some more Rense System Navy ships and base-coated models for my XCOM game, although I still need to finish making terrain for that. More importantly, for me at least, I think I’ve some progress with flight stands for 6mm air combat. Still working on the rules but I’m getting closer to a full play test. Not soon enough but life is life.

Next up on my work bench is to actually do some painting and finish of my XCOM terrain. Once all is done I’ll get pictures up for you to look at!

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