News from the Front #6 – 750pts Dindrenzi versus Relthoza

A bit late in getting this posted I granted you, but posted non-the-less!

So a friend of mine, Mark, decided to join our small group of FSA players and bought Relthoza. I can’t remember his exact inspiration but I think he quite liked the different style of the models and the insect/spider background of the species.

Anyway, he hasn’t had many games of FSA and I haven’t had a game in a long while. We had a fight last year where he played with a friends Terran fleet and smacked me left and centre, and I know he had a fight against Edd’s Sorylians and got battered. So this game was a friendly to help Mark get to grips with his Relthoza.

The fleet composition were relatively simple. I had 2 frigate groups, 2 cruiser groups and a Nausicaa battleship with double mines. Mark had 2 frigate groups, a cruiser group, a shunt cruiser group and a battleship. He kitted his fleet out with corrosive where he could and his battleship with something and conferred stealth to all friendly ships within 8″ – meaning I had to half my attack dice against those ships when they were 20″ away… yay.

Terrain was a bit pointless as it all landed on my side of the board giving Mark nothing to hide behind. We set up evenly, frigates on one side, everything else over the other side.

Turn 1 started off fairly slow with me putting some hurt on Mark’s heavy cruiser and my frigates, being unopposed at range, having a bash against his frigates. As the turn progressed, however, Mark shunted his cruisers forward to within a hairs breadth of my battleship and had a pop at it. Whilst Mark scored a few hits, it wasn’t enough to worry me. Aside from his dwindling frigate numbers, everything still looked relatively even.

News from the Front #6 - 750pts Dindrenzi versus Relthoza
Mid-way through Turn 1. Mark’s shunt cruisers were eye-ballin’ my battleship whilst my frigates ate spiders for breakfast!

Turn 2 started off nicely for me, having performed a left-full rudder move on my furthest cruisers and setting my sights on his shunt cruisers (which were still eye-ball to eye-ball with my battleship), I blew one up and cleared the way for my main group to advance forward. Hurt was traded between the remaining cruisers and a lucky broadside from my battleship chalked up another shunt cruiser, rolling a 12 on the crit’ table. Until we remembered that a 12 is NOT a 2 and that my cruisers were, in fact, safe, my face quickly drained of blood waiting for mass debris field to suddenly form on the far right!

News from the Front #6 - 750pts Dindrenzi versus Relthoza
Practically at the end of Turn 2 – Pretty much what was left on the table at the end, minus one or two of Mark’s cruisers I think.

By the end of Turn 2, most of Mark’s frigates were gone, his cruisers battered and the bulk of my fleet was still essentially fighting fit. Mark graciously threw in the towel as both of us conceded that his dice rolls were shockingly bad for that game. We both enjoyed getting the models out and we’re looking forward to teaming up against Ray’s and Edd’s Terran/Sorylian combo, but I think we need a few more practice rounds first!

News from the Front #6 - 750pts Dindrenzi versus Relthoza
Mid-way through Turn 2 – Mark ponders what to do with my cruisers.

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