Plodding along

Hi all!  I know I’ve been quiet for some time now but all with good reason.  I’ve been busy getting myself a new job, which I’ve been successful, and now I’m not preparing for interviews and the like I have some more free time. I have plodded along where I can with a few bits and piece though.

I’ve tinkered with some of MWO’s new 3D models ready for printing when I get some funds – I may have custom build an Avatar mech… I’ve also been designing a 15mm XCOM skirmish game based off a friend’s home made rule set – I’m hoping to have terrain and models ready for RAFWA pt2 in Oct/Nov… third up I’ve been tinkering with my solo-campaign and creating magnetic flight pegs – the aim here is to be able to simultaneously play with both land and air forces on the same map… and lastly I’ve managed to get myself a game of Firestorm Armada in a few weeks time – it will be the first time my (practically) fully painted fleet will face off against another fully painted fleet – pictures will follow!

I’m also aiming to change the calendar on the site so I can display when the next UK hobby events are instead of just my blog posts. So much to do and not enough minions!

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