Busy busy busy!

Phew! Busy month! If it wasn’t for being on a course at the start of May (plus getting a cold a week into it) I may have got more posts up. Still it did give me time to paint the bulk if my Dindrenzi and a few RSN ships – see the Amassing the Troops #2 post for that.

Other big things happening last month was a charity event at my old club. Their aim was to survive 24hrs of gaming and they managed to raise £600+ for MAGPAS (an air ambulance service). I was there to help out and got introduced to Classic Warlord. It seemed to be a brutal version of Risk with prolific use of nuclear weapons. Dave intro’d me and a friend and summarily hammered us both, which I’m thinking wasn’t entirely in the spirit of teaching, but Dave is known for this. Also had a few games of my friend’s home grown skirmish rules, Figure 11. He’s been trying to turn it in to a proper skirmish game instead of just a RPG. Great game system that induces many laughs!

Lastly I guess is the Beta release of the new Battletech PC game. Can’t quite express how excited I am for this, so whilst I wait for it I’ll have a game of Classic Battletech and test out my solo-game mechanics. Battle report to follow soon!

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