Salute 2017

I’ve just returned from a great weekend spending money at Salute 2017 with good friends of mine. I certainly didn’t spend the most in my group as one father and son spend £600 between them, but a fairly respectable £200 was spent by me – mostly on Team Yankee and a Rense System Navy starter set for Firestorm Armada. I would have liked to have gotten more, terrain included, but I was honest with myself in that I don’t really have anyone to game with at the moment and I have enough terrain to be getting on with my 6mm project. That and I simply couldn’t find what I wanted. Payday is, however, right around the corner and I intend to spend!

Despite not finding what I wanted, what I did find made the trip worth it and that was Battletech! A chap had a stand selling random products but had a fair few map sheets and older rules for BT (published before the re-release if I’m right). The gem I found though, was the House Davion/Federated Suns hand book. This tome of knowledge and hard work details literally everything you could want to know about that empire. Not just its military, but its economics, education, history, law, daily life etc. I’m really looking forward to reading through it!

After the event, a friend and I tried out Team Yankee and realised it’s a brutal and fast game (and it’s good that I like it given what I bought!), and we had a 1000pt Firestorm Armada game – I’ll be writing that up and hopefully getting it posted at some point this week.

For now though, I wish you many 6s in your dice rolls!

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