RAFWA Weekend!

Ey up folks!

It’s a very exciting weekend; I’m off to Coventry to have a geeky ol’ time at RAFWA (http://www.rafwa.co.uk/).  It’s their championship weekend, but as I’m not much of tourney player I’ll be going to play what ever is on offer.  I’m hoping to get in a few games of Firestorm Armada, Team Yankee and Bolt Action.  I’m also hoping someone will want to play Battletech as I’ve just received my order of 6mm sci-fi buildings from Game Craft Miniatures (http://gcmini.mybigcommerce.com/), in short I think they’re the next best thing to slice bread!

I aim to take pictures and write battle reports, so whilst there wont be any proper post this time around, I’m hoping I’ll have a few good ones for you next time.

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