Going Solo #3a – Nation overview – The Drusal Republic “Ours is the World”

Here’s the first overview of the 12 nations in my solo-campaign. I’ve not strictly finished collecting enough models for them and I’m still in the process of understand my naval rules and designing air combat rules. Still, the ground force is done (minus a missing tank… dunno where that went) so I thought now would be as good a time as any to talk about them. A map will follow soon too… promise!

Going Solo #3a – Nation overview – The Drusal Republic “Ours is the World”
The national flag of the Drusal Republic – Symbolising the mountains, the sea and their civil war.

So, the Republic is authoritarian communist state which on the face of it is somewhat contradictory, but in this instance it means that the people live and work for the advancement of the state as directed by a republic council. Those on the council are kind of democratically elected; the district leaders essentially vote for each other and the senior republic officials cheery-pick the candidates for whatever position is going. You can see the obviousness of what’s going on and calling themselves a Republic is really more of a propaganda stint.

Now smart citizens would probably protest at the clearly undemocratic way the government is run, but the Republic has been force feeding its people propaganda for a very long time now (think North Korea) and so the people actually believe that they live in one of the better governed nations in the world, even if they are very much down on their luck. There’s still the odd mumbling of dissent the government has to deal with but they’ve become very adept at doing so.

They look upon their history with a sense of romantic and proud nostalgia, quickly followed by disappointment, regret and anger. Hundreds of years ago the Republic controlled much of the northern part of the main continent, from the Ribbon Lake to the Scoured Neck, however things started turning sour when they came into contact with a pagan nation called the Morrus Union. Despite having the numbers, the Republic couldn’t match the ferocity of the pagans and ultimately lost territory. This loss also caused a fracture within the Republic and a subsequent civil war tore the nation into 3. After this, the Republic decided to stop trying to fight what had happened and instead form a long-term plan for revenge, inciting the remaining loyal people behind them.

Their military is desperate for a chance to prove that they can do more than just lose. Their commanders, whilst somewhat patient, prefer to see the solution to each problem as “hit it harder”. This is reflected in their order of battle, having created sizeable tank formations. It looks fearsome but is often implemented poorly and only recently is the military now considering the benefits of having a capable air force and navy. Unfortunately their mindset has sometimes been too aggressive, as proven when they failed to invade the mysterious Tigris League and so decided to nuke it out of frustration. That nuke never made it past the half way point. That short conflict ended without further retaliation from the Tigris League to which the Republic was thankful for, if not at least completely stunned.

The Republic’s economy is largely utilitarian, producing only what is require with some luxuries. The main effort goes toward mining and production of war materials which doesn’t leave much for export, and so you can imagine their GDP isn’t the best. Interestingly, even though they have a lack of religious observance, unless you can call devotion to the advancement of the state a religion, the people produce some of the more sought after arts and literature; the people use these mediums to express their hope for a return to the glory days and what wonders it may hold. Other leisures predominately take the form of outdoor pursuits such as camping and hiking, preferring to enjoy the vistas their land offers (not that they are the best) and testing their survival skills.

Recently the Republic has taken a keen interest in the off-shore drilling disputes between the Yongazry Domain (formed after the Republic’s civil war) and the Democratic Enclave of Axeanem (a rather belligerent peace enforcing nation), hoping to find some way of capitalising from the situation. They have strong ties with the Kingdom of Aldrose, who also look to right the wrongs they feel they have suffered, and are now starting to find common ground with the Riath Empire (the other nation formed from the civil war). The Republic’s primary adversary is the Enclave of Axeanem as they block the way to expand into the resource rich lands of the south.

In general, the Drusal Republic is starting to feel ready to tip the balance of power into their favour and if they can’t regain what they lost, then they’ll take other forms of reparations. The more senior officials and commanders are learning from their mistakes and short sightedness and are looking for more devious ways to advance the state.

Next time in part 2 of the Drusal Republic, I’ll talk about the good stuff in more detail, their military!

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