GAH! with the lateness

Many apologies folks! I had a bit of a nightmare over the weekend with my job application. With a week to go the most up to date file become corrupted and I lost a good portion of work. Cue nearly punching my computer and flooding the room in tears (and it’s a big room too), but through perseverance and my wife I’m back on track.  So I’ve now got a few spare minutes to finally post a blog, albeit late on a Monday!

Today’s post is me raving about Battletech!

Side note – the Nottingham hobby show, Red On Blue In Nottingham, was, I think, really good for the shows début!  I’ll definitely be wanting to attend next year. Got myself some new tokens for Firestorm Armada, some Team Yankee soviets and some laser cut MDF for making FSA terrain.

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