Even more games!

Hi folks,

No major blog post this weekend I’m afraid, but I didn’t want to simply leave it at that.  So here’s an update on what’s on my workbench – which is a worsening field of clutter!

Real Life – Annoyingly it’s always there. I’m currently in the process of applying for a new job which will see me leave military service. After 10 years of military-isms it’s proving difficult to get my head around civilian English but I’m getting there! Hence the poor blog posting record I have at the moment.

Kallistra – This week a £200 order arrived which, along with my other Kallistra stuff, gives me a 6’x4′ playing area and spare boards to practice and build urban terrain on.  I’m going to start with a few hamlets and villages, but my ultimate goal is to build everything I can really… nuclear power plants, ports, air bases, cities… I haven’t laid it all out yet but that’s this weekends plan so I’ll take a few pics to show it off.

Solo Campaign – Taken a slight hit due to job applications, but… Unsatisfied with my original map (it just didn’t feel right in terms of manageable scale) I’ve redrawn it and I’m pretty happy with the result. I’m currently writing a bit of history to help me picture how each nation will do its thing and importantly why it will do its thing! I’ve got one nations ground forces complete, just need to paint a second nations and then I can start play testing it all and make sure my processes all work out. Don’t tell the wife but I’ve probably got many hundreds of £s left to spend yet!

Team Yankee – Dear gods because I need another game system in my life! I don’t know why but when this first came out I really didn’t like the whole idea of it, didn’t even want to play it. But when they release the British… hooked! The 15mm scale models are beautiful and it actually feels like it has gamers in mind, easy to put together, models even have little holes in them antennas and the rules look easy too. Not had a game yet but I’m tempted to buy Soviets and have a solo bash if none of my other friends will give it a go.

Events – My amazing wife is letting me go out to play quite a bit this year (possibly realising having me home all the time isn’t so great after all…). I’m heading off to the Royal Airforce Wargaming Association (RAFWA) competition event in March, not to compete but to catch up with friends and play something. I’m off to Salute ’17 to buy stuff and ogle and pretty models and displays in April. I’ve been made aware of a Firestorm Armada competition in Reading mid-November (Wargames Association of Reading), I’m not a massive fan of competitions mainly ‘cus I suck at them but I really like the FSA game so I might throw caution to the wind and do it! And lastly there’s a brand new wargames show in Nottingham this Sunday that I’m going to (ROBIN)… money will probably be spent…

Well, there’s your update folks.  I’ve got in the pipe-line a look at Battletech and there’s several other topics I’ve yet to start writing on, so we’ll see what happens. For now though, take it easy!

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