News from the Front #1 – Firestorm Armada, 1200pt Dindrenzi ambush of the Terrans!

My first battle report! I doubt it will be up to the standard of others as I don’t have a load of pictures to choose from and this did happen a while ago. Unfortunately both my opponent and I get too wrapped up in the throes of war to pause to note and take pictures. However, next time will be different and in the mean time, comments and (constructive) criticisms are welcome!

For those that don’t know Firestorm Armada (aka FSA), it’s a space based game where during a turn the players alternate activating one squadron of their fleet until there are no activation left. This ends the turn ready for the next. It’s produced by [Spartan games link] and the models are pretty darned good. The rules are good with a decent mix of simplicity and complexity for all gamers to enjoy and get to grips with. You will, however, have to forgive the way the rule book is written. You will find yourself flipping from one end to the other trying to find what it is you’re looking for.

A note on the fleets before I get to the detail. Terrans are your jack of all trades, although Jack has a thing for nukes. They are not as solid as other fleets but make up for this with decent shield emitters. Their weapons of choice are beams and torpedoes and can cover most arcs in really annoying volleys of fire. Dindrenzi love love love their mass drivers, rail guns and gauss weapons. Their ships are essentially a very heavily armoured gun with some engines slapped to it. They forgo shields, are somewhat more ponderous and have a reduced field of fire compared to Terrans, but dear god when they hit you with their main guns does it hurt!.. or at least in my case it SHOULD hurt but rarely does.

In this scenario my Dindrenzi fleet of an escorted battleship, battlecruisers, heavy cruisers, cruisers and a bunch of frigates face off against my friends, Ray, fleet of a battleship, battlecruisers, cruisers, light cruisers and a bucket load of frigates. His objective; get to my end of the board. My objective; don’t let him.

Ray had set up putting his heavier ships down the middle to soak up damage with cruisers and a frigate squadron bringing up the rear to fend off my battlecruisers, which would be shunting in behind him at some point. He moved his light cruisers and some frigates to his left to try and barrel past my heavy cruisers. In my centre was my battleship and cruisers with my frigates on my left and heavy cruisers on the right, all aiming to try and pincer.

First turn was fairly typical, I focused on one of this battlecruisers as to bring one down would net me some good points whilst he focused on my cruisers. Sadly only my cruisers and frigates managed to put damage anywhere, which included a lone Terran frigate squadron making a run at my right flank. My heavy cruisers failed me when I asked each of them to focus on a frigate which were bearing down on them and none of them scored a hit. This worried me as Terran frigates are surprisingly nasty enmass!

Second turn looked like I was going to have a repeat of my previous 6 games where I either lost or just managed a draw. My cruisers were taking a battering, I traded one frigate squadron for one of Rays, but I managed to put damage onto 2 battlecruisers instead of just one. Considering the spread of damage across both fleets, I figured Ray was going to win this one.

Turn 3 and my battlecruiser reserves were still AWOL, leaving my fleet to witness the destruction of my cruisers. However, things started to turn as my heavy cruisers focused on and destroyed a Terran battlecruiser escort (a fairly annoying shield/torpedo cruiser) and my frigates caused mayhem for Ray’s cruisers. A luck hit managed to displace one of them far outside of the squadrons command range which meant his cruisers had limited firing options and had to focus on regrouping. It’s at this point I took the picture by the way.

News from the Front #1 – Firestorm Armada, 1200pt Dindrenzi ambush of the Terrans!
Yep, that was everything I had on the table at the time. A gap will appear on the right where my battlecruisers will appear and cause merry hell!

Turn 4 is where it really started to go down hill for Ray. My battlecruisers clearly had some clairvoyance about them as the charge attack of Ray’s light cruisers left a wonderful gap for my reinforcements to drop into. A solid attack by my battlecrusiers destroyed 2 light cruisers (which the way Ray had kitted them out were freakin’ nails to kill) and some broadsides finished off a damaged battlecruiser. My heavy cruisers took on Ray’s cruisers and scored a kill, and my battleship finished off the last battlecruiser.

It was shortly after this Ray conceded the field. Considering the beating I’ve taken in previous games I didn’t feel too bad. But we both enjoyed it and I had finally scored my first solid win! Ray’s tactics were certainly sound but his dice just failed him at crucial times, whilst I’m still getting to grips with the Dindrenzi and I had some very lucky dice rolls when I needed them!

I owe Ray another game though, so we’ll see how that fairs for me!

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