Inspec-SHAN!! #1 – Deepcut gaming mats

Welcome to the Inspec-SHAN!! series of my blog, named in homage to an ex-Guardsman I currently work with. With this series I aim to review and critique, well, anything that I fancy really, it’s my blog so why not!

I know I’ve talked a lot about terrains since the starting my blog but I absolutely had to write about DeepCut Studios gaming mats which were bought for my club. The club I’m with has had a lot of income lately, thanks to new members, and we needed a way to sensibly spend it. Talk was thrown around about buying club-models/armies, to which I objected when I was chairman, but also rule books and terrain. We all settled on the latter and the new chairman came up with the idea of buying gaming mats to get ready-made terrain on the table and to help motivate us all into actually making some!

We knew we needed durable 4’x6′ considering our members and club environment. So after weighing up the different material types that companies had on offer, we settled on the idea of mousemat gaming mats. The idea being that they would be less likely to crease or dog-ear at the corners, but also not slip and slid on the surface they were on. Only one company stood out to us online and when we saw them at Salute ’16 we were completely sold.

Inspec-SHAN!! #1 – Deepcut gaming mats
You may not notice it as much as the sheer amount of dice that are thrown in Firestorm Armada, but the space mat does add that extra zing to space-borne carnage.

Thankfully, had a discount on the £60 mats and between myself and the club we bought 2 sea, 2 space and 1 grass/cobble streets. The pictures may not do them justice and I’ve tried my best, but take my word for it they are amazing. Not only is the quality of the material is great, but so to is the quality of the artwork. I was expecting pixalation given that the original artwork would have been scaled up to fit the mats, but it seems the artist has really done themselves proud (or that they have amazing design software). I even bought a 3’x3′ PVC space theme mat for wall art as I thought it was that good!

Inspec-SHAN!! #1 – Deepcut gaming mats
The grass/cobble mat was laid out for a Malifaux demo during an open day.

My only gripe is that the lengths of the mats are not exact, nor are they equal to each other. So if you do buy from them expect some variation in dimensions. However, this could be because of the sheer size of the mats and the method in which they are cut. Therefore other companies may have similar issues. We did considered purchasing from others but in the interest of spreading club monies as far as possible, Wayland Games’ offer was simply too good. Speaking of other companies that are selling mousemat gaming mats, here’s a list below (it’s obviously not exhaustive):

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