Creating the Battlefield #4 – Salute 16 eye-opener

So we’re staying with terrain for a little longer. You may have gotten the hint from my earlier posts that I spend a good amount of time looking for ideas etc. Well during the course of Attempt number 2 I found a company called Pedion and although it’s essentially a one-man band he does have an eye for realism. He’s had a successful Kickstarter and his aim is pretty much like mine but at the 28mm scale instead. On his website  I noticed he was selling blank pre-made boards, with an interesting magnet system for keeping his boards in place. Considering I had trouble sourcing the materials I needed I thought this chap could be my answer.

Creating the Battlefield #4 – Salute eye-pener
Pedion is offering up sets of 6×4 for preorder, not too bad if you want to buy in bulk.

We exchanged a few emails swapping success and failure stories and we worked out that we would both be at Salute 2016, him selling his wares and me… well, buying lots of wares in general it turns out. Salute, for those that don’t know, is probably the biggest wargaming and hobby expo in at least the UK, and is held each year around April in London’s Excel centre. I reckon you should go even if it’s just the once so you can experience it. I’ll certainly be a regular attendee from now on, wife and budget depending of course!

So on arrival at Salute the good man from Pedion handed over the blank boards and we discussed a few issues we were having. His biggest issue was the material used for the base was warping as well, as was clear when walking up to his stall. Apparently setting up the day before and leaving your warp-prone boards overnight in huge non-climate controlled hall wasn’t the best of ideas. This kinda poo-poo’d my hopes of finding a “materials” supplier, and the quality of the blank boards weren’t what I was expecting either. In all fairness to him however, he has just started and is still developing his product, and it looked like he got a good amount of trade that day. For me though, it just wasn’t what I was after.

Creating the Battlefield #4 – Salute eye-pener
Not the best photo I agree. His connection system is a small glued magnet and screw, simple but very messy.

The good thing about Salute is that you can find pretty much anything you want for all your hobby needs. Which leads me to This company has been going for a few years at least and produces hex segments and boards for various locales and terrain. I’m always hesitant with hex terrain as it doesn’t normally fit my as-life-like-as-I-can-get requirements. However, in this instance I made an exception purely based on a micro-modern game that was being played using Kallistra terrain. I bought a few of the blank segments to have a play with and after a few months of playing with it I worked out that; 1. buying them pre-flocked is the easiest and cheapest, 2. making rivers will be hard but possibly not impossible, and 3. that this frees me to spend time on making more fiddly terrain and buildings. I’ll do a review of Kallistra in a future post, but so far they’re looking great!

Creating the Battlefield #4 – Salute eye-pener
Bought these as blank tiles and glued them together. Flocked myself and added trees.
Creating the Battlefield #4 – Salute eye-pener
Those are the pre-flocked tiles in the background, much brighter in colour but very well made I feel.

Other purchases at Salute included the bulk of my Firestorm Armada Dindrenzi fleet (, UK Challenger 2, Warrior IFV and MRAP, and some

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