Creating the Battlefield #2 – Attempt number 1

So following on from the plan, I had managed to source about a dozen foot square 6mm ply wood boards and I got insulation foam from BnQ to cut up and glue on top. Since I knew there was going to be a lot of work involved, I invested in a few new tools, cutters and a small bucket of glue. The wife, awesome as they all are, also got me a few extra bits as well.

I started by cutting up enough foam for 4 boards. However, it immediately presented problems as the foam beads made the whole thing look a mess. I persevered and tried to figure out how best to use it to my advantage. I tried making a small hill but again the foam broke in a way which looked horrible and it was far to drastic for 6mm scale. So hill making was on hold until I came up with a solution. I thought I’d see what digging into the foam would be like, for the purposes of making undulating features, but that didn’t go well either and even more so when I tried smoothing it with green stuff and it melted the foam! It wasn’t long after this I saw what I know as foam board, 2 sheets of card sandwiching foam, and started to cut it up for hill. Individually they would be good for undulating features and stacking them up would make for good hills. I particularly liked this foam board for hills as it formed contours, which some game systems use, and it would help that age problem of models falling over or slipping down.

Creating the Battlefield #2 – Attempt number 1 - pic 1
Green stuff to fill gaps in polystyrene = Fail
Creating the Battlefield #2 – Attempt number 1 - pic 2
They don’t look too bad individually do they?

At this point I had made 9 boards and was feeling more confident about it all thanks to the foam board. So I cracked on with choosing which paint would look best for temperate climates. After preparing the boards with several layers of watered down PVA glue, I applied a few layers of green I had found at BnQ. I had also found a brown colour and painted a board to delineate a forested area.

Creating the Battlefield #2 – Attempt number 1 - pic 3
A number of different paints were tested

After several weeks worth work (granted much of that time was spent dealing with other life stuff) I put them altogether to see what they looked like aaaaand… Not happy. Even though I had tested them together several times before, I’d always hoped for the best and expected the final product to look the shiz. My main issues where really all about the insulation foam breaking apart and looking less than brilliant, hopefully the pictures will show you all that detail.

Creating the Battlefield #2 – Attempt number 1 - pic 4
All together, they don’t look that good

I decided to bite the bullet on this attempt and apply lessons learn with the new wonder material, foam board, for attempt number 2.

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